• Ann M. Hermundstad

    I lead a group at Janelia Research Campus. I apply methods from physics to the study of complex biological systems. To read more about the problems that I work on, check out the links above.

    email: hermundstada at janelia dot hhmi dot org


The number of possible “on-off” patterns of neuronal firing is immense, estimated at a staggering ten to the millionth power. The brain is obviously capable of an imponderably huge variety of activity; the fact that it is often organized and functional is quite an accomplishment!

Daniel J. Seigel

It would be an illusion to think that what we are aware of at present is any more than a fraction of the full extent of biological design.

Michael Denton

The brain is a monstrous, beautiful mess. Its billions of nerve cells–called neurons–lie in a tangled web that displays cognitive powers far exceeding any of the silicon machines we have built to mimic it.

William F. Allman

An ocean traveler has even more vividly the impression that the ocean is made of waves than that it is made of water.

Arthur S. Eddington

If you just have a single problem to solve, then fine, go ahead and use a neural network. But if you want to do science and understand how to choose architectures, or how to go to a new problem, you have to understand what different architectures can and cannot do.

Marvin Minksy

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it is tied to everything else in the universe.

John Muir

Complexity is looking at interacting elements and asking how they form patterns and how the patterns unfold. It’s important to point out that the patterns may never be finished. They’re open-ended.

W. Brian Arthur

Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.

Bertrand Russell